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Server Rules

          — The team reserves the right to ban players for any behaviors considered innapropriate.
          — PKing has high penalties in this server, and excessive PKing in a short period of time, abusing other players, might result in a ban.
          — You must respect all the team and players of the server.
          — Do not exploit any bugs if you find them. Bug abuse will result in a permanent ban.
          — Don't be annoying, remember to always be respectful and never be racist. Remember that there are logs to verify innapropriate behaviors.
          — This is a home-based server, not dedicated, consider it as an Open Beta server with a few possible adjustments to be done still.

Sever Information

          — This is a Multiskill server. Pick your base class or subclass and learn all the skills.
          — The server is focused on PVE, with many areas to be explored.
          — Rebirth system with exclusive items.
          — Exclusive armors and weapons do be acquired as you advance to the higher areas.
          — Some areas were modified to farm higher level items. There are low, mid and high farm zones.
          — The server is focused on individual growth, so rewards from the custom zones cannot be obtained while in a party.
          — Mages and Fighters are balanced to advance throughout all stages of the game.
          — Some orc/fighter class buffs also give magic attack bonus, remember to check all the skills. Mage area of effect skills will also drain some HP.
          — For Fighter classes, it's recommended to use polearms for farming. The life steal gained from buffs was reduced to make it balanced throughout all stages.
          — There's no lethality kills or augmented weapons. Irregular ways of farming high zones, without the appropriate equipments, should be reported.
          — Safe Enchant until +3. Max enchant until +100.
          —There's Crystal Enchant Scrolls drops on high areas. These scrolls will not break nor reduce the enchant of your item if failed.
          — Castle Siege difficulty increased. High level equipments are required to face the guards and conquer a castle.
          — Book of Giants to enchant skills can be obtained through the exclusive Castle's Blacksmiths.
          — Atk Speed and M Atk Speed are capped at 3000 and that's intentional to prevent animation bugs. To get stronger get the exclusive content on the custom shop.
          — All S class items are untradeable to prevent any type of exploit. Every new player should have a fresh experience on the server and not get skipped.
          — The server is free to play with all contents accessible for free. There's a donation system for the players that want to support the server and/or fasten the self improvement.
          — Explore all the unique features of our server!


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